Monday, August 27, 2007

Gifts to me!

I lost my internet for a few days so I wasn't able to see if I could play Tabula Rasa yet, soooo I bought a couple of games to congratulate myself for getting into school!

I bought the Capcom Classics Mini Mix, here's a description from the Capcom website:
* Bionic Commando®: You play as a commando outfitted with an incredible bionic arm that allows you to navigate levels by latching onto and swinging across various parts of the environment.
* Mighty Final Fight: Play as Haggar, Cody or Guy, and fight through Metro City in order to rescue Haggar’s daughter, Jessica, from the Mad Gear gang.
* Strider: Take Control of Hiryu, a member of a global organization of infiltration specialists called Striders and battle to keep the world safe from evil forces.
I've already tried out all three, Bionic Commando is the same as the NES, I'm glad no one tried to alter it (like they did with my River City Ransom *cries*) I have to compare it with my Game Boy cart and see if it's the same as that too... I think it's pretty similar...

Mighty Final Fight is a side scrolling fighter game, but a super deformed version of it. It's pretty repetitive, but good if you just want to play a "beat-em-up" game.

I'm not too familiar with the older Strider, I've played Strider 2 for PS1 and I vaguely remember Strider 1 included with it and me not liking it very much... when I loaded Strider it was a little frustrating and confusing.

The other game I bought was Rogue Galaxy. I heard it was good so I picked it up, I'm itching for a new RPG. I didn't get a chance to try it out yet though.

Oh and I recently wore my Megaman costume again at the CNAnime Con. I also saw George Romero going for a smoke upstairs, but I didn't realize it was him until my friend pointed it out lol.

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Jackman said...

I want to try Rogue Galaxy... it looks good!