Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mmm games...

So I gave in to buying more delicious games.

Since my friend and I are going to do a CO-OP gaming night I bought:
Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3)
Rainbow 6: Vegas 1 & 2 (PS3)

And got her Goldeneye for the Wii... I'm pretty sure she won't see my blog and her X-Mas gift... :|

And I might have bought Uncharted 2 and Mirrors Edge... just saying.

Will buy Scott Pilgrim and Castle Crashers soon as well, another friend wants to do more multiplayer :D

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I forgot to mention the crapload of Steam games I bought too... I don't want to list them all because it is pretty ridiculous BUT my collection went from about 20-ish games to about 45... Oh man, if they do another holiday sale I am SCREWED.

In addition, I missed a very important update!

The blogs main focus is going to shift a bit. I am still going to be talking about games and try to do quick reviews but I also am going to try and get a mod going and maybe post my progress here, as well as post some pictures up.

I will concentrate on more of the mechanics and gameplay. Pacing, flow, balancing, basically, all the fun things Level Design is.

I am pretty much a complete beginner so any feedback or constructive criticisms are welcome! :)

Hey y'all I'm alive!!

Hey everyone (if you're still around) I am still alive and making my way through first semester of the third year of my 3D Game Art Program!

It's been a crazy ride, even in the past couple months. I have been working like CRAZY. But, on the upside, learning a LOT.

My jobs and school have really been keeping me on my toes, I think I am pretty much scared and excited everyday... it is a weird feeling. Usually, when I was just doing animation I was just scared. The homework, although plentiful is actually okay to work on (when I have the time).

In recent news, I have bought a PS3 in the hopes of playing all the games I have been missing out on. I still don't have a HD TV but that will hopefully come in time :D

For the meantime, I am just looking forward to playing a system, my 360 recently quit on me, it was fun times...

Games I have purchased (but haven't been able to get around to all of them) are:
Killzone 2
God of War 1 & 2
Heavy Rain
Valkyria Chronicles
Disgaea 3
Little Big Planet
Final Fantasy XIII

On that note, "Distant Worlds" came to Toronto and I was able to go and watch! Despite the busy schedule (and the fact that I bought the tickets in July/August) I only felt a little guilty about going.

It was a great night, the music was fantastic and they played some new music from Final Fantasy XIV. I also bought a t-shirt, both albums and a signed poster. I wish they would have played music from Final Fantasy Tactics.