Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Guild Wars: Eye of the North

This past Sunday I've been able to put a pre-order down for the new Guild Wars Expansion, Eye of the North. My friend was able to pickup my pre-order disk and I've just added the new key. What is in the pre-order you may ask?

Early access to the game (sneak peek weekend Aug 24-26)
Three Exclusive Weapons: The Glacial Blade, Hourglass Staff, and the Darksteel Longbow
A free 10 hour/14 day trial

Yeah, it's not a whole lot. At least with the Nightfall pre-order I got an extra character slot AND weapons. And what's with the free trial? Since this is an expansion I'd have to already own one of the other GW campaigns to play it. So, I suppose it's for my friends who haven't joined. Ah well, that doesn't mean I'm gonna be canceling my pre-order, I just wish I got a little more with it since the game is $44.99 CDN.

In other news, I have been let go at work, and am taking the opportunity to go to school full time for Animation. So, the updates may not be as frequent and there might be some ranting about school lol. So heads up.

Also, I've finally finished Eldest and am on the new Harry Potter book, and half way done. Which adds to my New Years Resolutions of reading at least ten books this year. I'm on number six. Wewt.


Opal Tribble said...

Hey congrats to you for going back to school full-time and how cool it's animation!

Opal Tribble said...

I read the last HP the day it came out. It's very good!

acro_circus said...

Thanks! I'm pretty excited about it too! XD

And yep I've finished the new HP book a while ago it's really good, but I'm sad that it's over now :(

J.K Rowling is coming out with a new detective series though... should be interesting!