Saturday, July 28, 2007

Second Life is for losers... :D RICH LOSERS!

So as per invitation by Acro here, I am letting those of you who haven't heard/seen/know about/smelled the MMORPG Second Life. I'll let you know about my life in there. Second Life is free to sign up for if you just want to explore the game, or for those of you who are more economically savvy, "land" can be purchased so that you can have your own shack/ house/ mansion/ store etc.

Whats the point?
Well, there really isn't one... not strategy wise anyways. There is no storyline to the game; the idea of the game is so that the bazillions of users out there are capable of creating their own world. Each world within the game is linked to one another, so the possibilities of creation are endless. ENDLESS! Your initial noobish body is what you begin modifying, and with the right advisor/ingame tutor, w.e, you can make yourself into the pixellated equivalent of Elisha Cuthbert for very little money.

An issue with Second Life is that if you have no money, you're going to be hard pressed to get what you want without any. A little known fact for those who are new to the game is that you can pick money off the money trees within the first 30 days you join the game. It's hard to find that information without anyone telling you though.

Why would I want to join?
Well there are three reasons I can think of off the bat.

1. You are lonely and want pixellated companionship.
2. You are extremely resourceful, talented in graphic programs, and want to earn a ridiculous amount of money.
3. You want to look like Britney Spears before she went crazy.

In all seriousness, Second Life can provide anyone with the opportunity to earn from $50 USD to $100000000 USD. Ansche Chung is a gamer most famous for earning her first million off the game. Yes, a real million dollars. How did she do it? She was innovative and decided to purchase land and rent it out to other users. Pixellated land earned her a million cash. Damnit.

Who is this weird person trying to tell me to join a stupid game?
Well spoken, my friend. I am Roguecrx, intermediate level gamer. That is the same username I use for every other game, and if you look it up in Gaia Online, Neopets, Second Life, Guild Wars, etc, you will find that I am rich. Very rich. I join most games to explore the economic capabilities available to their users, and once I get to "ridiculously rich" status, I usually find a new game to plunder. What Second Life offers that the other games cannot, is that possibility to be translated to First Life income. I am excited about the possibilities that Second Life has to offer, and I have met real friends through the game that I can honestly say I am glad to have met.

If you want to explore the game, sign up for an account at
I'm usually there to give a hand.

*edited by Acro


Anonymous said...

Still losers.

Anonymous said...

Still losers still.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha yeah still a loser that can read your comment and laugh all the way to the bank :)

Khannea Suntzu said...

Works for me.

Strangely enough, despite the fact that so many people insist on not liking SL, it is still growing. I am not sure it'll "succeed" as Virtual World standard in ten years from now, but it has a fair chance.


I wonder why the whole idea of SL is so clearly threatening to so many who tried it.. was it perhaps too challenging to use for those people?

No seriously, SL requires a certain level of maturity - as in understanding the dynamics of the real world and that mostly it is a pretty shitty world, and people will take whatever opportunity they can to kick other people down in the gutter. What kind of human being has the raw nerve to call other humans "losers", when he or she has a fair chance to end up a "loser", in thousands of ways? Maturity indeed.

Anonymous said...

After spending a YEAR (GOD HELP ME!) I realize Second Life is strictly for losers who are afraid of real life. Yes, that means me, too. However, I have learned and moved on. EVERYONE LIES on SL, EVERYONE. You must know this first of all. Yes, people lie in real life BUT there are consequences. In SL there is none: be as amoral or cruel as you like and suffer nothing in return. People hide behind their puppets and "play a game" with everyone's head including their own. If you stay on SL more than 3 months you will see about 2/3rds of everything change. That goes for avatars, places, groups, etc. Everything except the lying. As new "players" come in and learn that it is ok to be jerks others who have a moral compass get tired of the experiment is abnormal psychology and leave SL. It is in a constant state of decline. You may say it is "growing" but only meaner, crueler and more bizarre. You will also lose money because you are buying nothing but bits on a server somewhere for a while. SL is a waste of time, money and has a huge cost in human decency. Don't believe me? Stay on there awhile longer and see.

Anonymous said...

Oh sure making 10 bucks from other hermited losers to "attend" your boring event, yeah that's raking it in. Puhleeze... you people need to get out more.

Anonymous said...

SL is for yiffers.

Anonymous said...

I play it since 4/4/2007

I have earned myself a sim full region and blabla. I gotta say with all the GOOD things
(even on love rl and sl same wife)

Im glad i decided to call it quits. It consuming my rl, and im done with that.

PS the woman in this story is BS she is SL millionnar and she will never sell her virtual estates for that amount (sl is dying nothing new!)

You build, the steal
YOu put in cash the want more
You invest you loose or gain but what precisely..

indeed stupid ass pixles.
Well enjoy that dumbass stuff there ive been there for almost 3years. Hardly new to the entire concept or failed at what i wanted to archieve.

I do know one thing..its pathetic to live your live behind a pc only. And pretend like you can make big $$.

Its 2009, not 2003 ..sorry folks the ones that say i earn allot now. The lie true there teeth :)
As well put up here LOSERS that do not even DARE to admit there simply hooked to BULLSHIT :X