Friday, July 13, 2007

Not to busy for gaming

It's been pretty hectic these past few weeks but even though I wasn't able to write in this game blog I have been able to play some games! So far I've tried Brain Boost: Gamma Wave and Brain Boost: Beta Wave, I've also been able to try out Etrian Odyssey and WiiPlay! So, be sure to check out a few reviews to come. They aren't overly complicated games, so the reviews won't be too long (well, maybe not Etrian Odyssey).

I haven't been able to keep on track with the E3 shinanigans, but I did catch a glimpse of some wii games! I'm looking forward to Wii Fit, it'll at least keep me more active, like my Wii Sports... I'm also really looking forward to Mario Galaxy and ESPECIALLY FIRE EMBLEM!!!!!!!

Oh, but I did check out this video interview with Shigeru Miyamoto about games and the future of the Wii.

Also, in case anyone is interested, Nintendo's E3 site, awesome stuff, can't wait for the Wii Zapper, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart, shweeeet! It's so hi-technicaaaaaaalll~~~ lol.

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Tricia said...

Oh man! I saw the mario galaxy stuff on G4 yesterday and it looks wicked!!!