Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Nintendo World Store NYC

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So I arrived back from NYC on Sunday, with many Nintendo goodies! I was able to go to the Nintendo World store *twice*, surprisingly, there wasn't much there, but I was still excited because it's Nintendo.

I took some pictures with my friends camera, but I'll have to post them later when she gives them to me.

I pretty much bought everything that wasn't games or consoles, since I can get those here. I got a couple of patches, pins, an air freshener, another copy of Mario Monopoly (so I don't have to open my first copy), a swiss army knife, a mug, a Zelda belt (which I'm wearing now lol) and of course, gifts for co-workers. It was upsetting that the t-shirts and jackets were either too big, too small, or just boring. I have better Nintendo shirts than the ones there... btw, some on the site are not in the store, it's kind of random.

I was also upset that the laser to engrave the images onto a DS was broken. He told me to wait a few weeks, and to come back but I can't since I'm up here in Canada. Doh. Well, that just means that I have to go back to NYC!

The NYC trip overall was good, my five friends and I drove down and stayed in Manhattan. The trip was four days, and we saw Times Square, Central Park, The MoMA, Rockefeller Center (where we did "Top of the Rock"), Brooklyn Bridge, and traveled around Soho, Chinatown and Little Italy. Lots of shopping was also done (more than I'd like since I looked at my credit card bill). In October or November, I'm planning to go to Japan with a friend, so places to visit would *have* to include the Capcom HQ, Nintendo (even though I think you're not allowed inside) and the Studio Ghibli museum.

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