Sunday, June 17, 2007

AH! I'm supposed to be saving money!

So, I was trying to budget my money on Saturday and I end up buying two games! Ah!!! Maybe I can cut out food, who needs to eat anyway...

I bought Paper Mario for the Wii and Super Dodge Ball Advance for the GBA. I was waiting a long time for Paper Mario and hopefully I'll be able to play that and FFXII this week (because I have to get my wisdom teeth out this week).

For anyone interested, Super Dodge Ball is a remake of a classic Technos title (I know the NES version). They are the same makers as River City Ransom, Crash and the Boys and Double Dragon. Here is an excellent site on the history of the games! I have to say I still miss the old character designs though *sigh*.

images from Hardcore Gaming 101, NES version on the top and GBA on the bottom

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