Sunday, July 11, 2010

Need to gaaammmmeee

So hey people!

I just posted my Contra failed speedrun that turned into a no death run! It was fun, but I think people want to see my speed run so I'll post one when I get something I like, or something I'm proud of, so stay tuned.

Here is part one and two of it for people to see.

Part 1

Part 2

In the gaming realm, I haven't been able to game very much, but I did get to go to a IGDA meeting which was a cool experience. I need to go to another social gaming event, it was pretty neat to see new and old industry people there mingling :)

I recently bought Record of Agarest War, which was the special edition (yes, the naughty one) because mainly I couldn't just find a regular one. I'm sure you all don't believe me, but it's true. Although, I am not complaining since the mouse pad is pretty good, and I am using the pillow case hahaha I doubt it was for the creators intended purpose though... oh you marketing people... good times.

I have caved and bought a Alex Ross "KINGDOM COME" Justice League set (well onely for of the characters) and it was pretty sweet. I got Wonder Women, Batman, Superman and Green Lantern. I will be cosplaying as the Green Lantern come August FanExpo.

I also bought a new Evangelion. It is Asuka's one and it is sooooo badass. It is the RevolTECH guys, so you can imagine how many different parts, weapons and alternate heads it has. I am gonna put this up at my desk, it needs to be displayed.

I went to some comic stores around the area and they happened to finally be open when I arrived!

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Pouncealot said...

Wow, you're in your last year of 3D game design, congrats. It's been a while since I posted or visited your site, RawVeganMomma here. I let that site expire. I virtually met you on site (believe that was the name of the site.)

I haven't been able to game too much either, which for myself is depressing. I wish I had more time for things like that. I do try to sneak in the time I can. It's my "me time". :)