Monday, March 30, 2009


I have also been slacking here in my little gaming space! Suffice to say for me there were a few big things for me gaming wise.

I recently purchased an Xbox 360, and have played a few games already, I also bought many games but can't remember all the purchases so honestly I'm not going to try right now. I also am thinking/debating getting the new DSi this April 5th! Ahh! So yeah, not sure yet... but I can't believe I didn't play the new Fire Emblem game for the DS!! FOR SHAAAMMMEEE!!!

Anyhoo, getting back on the whole writing/drawing thing again, also been working out and traveling more, so doing things that are good for me now. Big changes people! Thanks for being patient if you're still here lol


free mmorpg said...

this game is great!

Video Game Philosopher said...

I am not sure what it is about fire emblem that gets me...but I do love the games.

-VG of