Thursday, May 29, 2008

Don't do as Acro Circus does.

Well, I'm embarrassed.

I did what about 90% of my customers did, I didn't check the system requirements for the games I bought! And now I'm stuck with them. Who knew how much my video card sucks :S I can't replace just the card since newer video cards require a better motherboard/cpu, sooooo I'm gonna have to hold on for a bit and stick with my Guild Wars... and stare at the boxes of the games I can't install...

I've never tried this site, but it sounds pretty helpful for those (like me, apparently) who don't know what they have.

And this has been another episode of Don't do as Acro Circus does.

In other gaming news for me, I rediscovered my Gameboy Micro and therefore also rediscovered that it gives me a wicked hand cramp every time I play it... I had a chance to replay River City Ransom Ex for GBA it wasn't as bad as I remembered it. Probably because they changed a good part of the original that I was caught off guard and blocked it from my memory. $300 for Acro Circus?? I realize they're trying to extend the gameplay but geeeezz....

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