Monday, September 10, 2007

First week of school ZOMG!

So I've just had my first taste of Animation school and let me tell you, it is SO much work!!!! Aghhhh, but I'm having way more fun than when I was in Design! I don't know how much game playing I can do but I did manage to convince one of the other guys to bring in his PS2 and guitar hero! :D I gotta try the 80's version still but yeah, it was a nice icebreaker, the 2nd years came in and played :)

Anyhoo, still getting adjusted, it's been a year since I was in school and I anticipate a lot of work >.< so please be patient with me please!

Also, as mentioned before I might post some stuff about animation as well so just a heads up again :P

Later all!

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